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The founder of Clean and Sober Support, Marvin Ray Hamilton, is a recovering addict of 23 years. Throughout his journey as a  

recovering alcoholic and drug addict, Marvin has found ways to inspire and encourage others through their journey of recovery. Marvin completed 40 hours of training in 2014 to become a certified Recovery Coach. During this training, Marvin decided that he wanted to provide a place where, “clean and sober people can hang out.” As quoted by Marvin, “I use to do heroin. I was addicted for years until I got to hang around people that wasn’t doing drugs.” In 2014, Marvin organized the first of many clean and sober events to celebrate sobriety. It is through these events that people receive a strong message of hope.

About The Founder

"Building a Drug and Alcohol Free Social Environment"

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